Hydrogen technology seems to be heading for a major breakthrough in 2021

Solutions are increasingly becoming available to a range of industries; from transportation to manufacturing processes. A record number of hydrogen related projects and pilots are in progress, paving the way for an emerging hydrogen market.

At H2Symposium 2020 we will explore some of the innovative projects with potential to trigger a larger scale hydrogen market and examine how we can accelerate from pilots towards large scale hydrogen production and mass production of hydrogen technology.

In other words: How do we increase volume?

Confirmed speakers

Haeolus - Hydrogen production from a wind farm in a remote area with a weak power grid.

Kvinnherad kommune - Large scale LH2 production in West Norway

Eramet TiZir – Potential for industrial use of hydrogen

Greenstat – Making Green Hydrogen Happen


Hydrogenveien AS



More about H2ardanger

Odda and Hardanger have large amounts of excess power and could play a central role as a major hydrogen producing region. There is also a real need for hydrogen in the region, the conference venue is located right next to the TiZir titanium and iron plant in Tyssedal, one of Norway’s largest sources of emissions. The plant could reduce its emissions by 90% by using hydrogen instead of coal. In addition, two main roads (FV7 and E134) between Eastern and Western Norway run through the region, perfect for corridor hydrogen stations for both passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles. Furthermore, an innovative and dynamic marine industry is located at the mouth of Hardangerfjord.


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